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Our company began its journey in 2007. Aveuro International is part of a group of companies that deals with the transport of people and also beneficiates of a car repair shop, established in 1991. We pride ourselves in intercity, touristic, school and employee transportation in Romania as well as in Europe. We first started building the minibuses for our transport part of the company thus cumulating more than 12 years of experience in the production department.

   In 2015 we started the sales division of minibuses and we develo- ped partnerships with companies both in Romania and abroad. What differentiates us from other minibus factories is the quality and service before sales (offers, financial solutions) and after sales cus- tomer service (delivery, warranty time response). This added value got us quickly on the market, assuring contracts with most of Mer- cedes Benz dealerships in Romania as well as with the biggest transport companies in Romania.

   Aveuro International’s constant presence at international fairs com- bined with the quality of our products and professionalism opened the way to have over 80% export contracts. You can discover our minibuses in many countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Gree- ce, Spain, Italy, Poland, Israel, Norway, Moldova, and many others. Another advantage is that our WVTA is available also for the right hand drive, therefore you will soon be seeing us in both in Australia and UK.

   Another big plus with our company is that having a people trans- portation department, we foresee any damage or flaw that could arise and solve it right in the production stage

   Our production capacity consist of more than 2 minibuses per day. Our factory with its 22.000 sqm outside area and 8000 sqm in- side spaces for production and offices, is one of the biggest minibus production factories in the world.

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