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 Working with us offers you a long term partner that can fulfill all your production requests. We are proud that our production growth didn’t interfere with maintaining the quality of our products through rigorous quality inspections for absolutely all the products that leave our factory.

   The minibuses are done with the utmost responsibility, carefully looking at the quality and nevertheless the design. The minibuses can be customized as desired.

   All our products have European Type Approval and we can issue a certificate of conformity for them - COC.

   We are always looking to start new partnerships, so if you are interested, come and visit us. You will find in us a reliable partner in this complex world of people’s transportation.

   Our factory is located 90 km north from Bucharest airport. 


Our production capacity consist of more than 2 minibuses per day. Our factory with its 22.000 sqm outside area and 8000 sqm in- side spaces for production and offices, is one of the biggest minibus production factories in the world.

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